Tennessee Emergency Medical, Awareness, Response and Resources

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) maintains multiple emergency management and response systems supporting its capability to respond to public health or medical emergencies affecting the state. The systems currently in use include the Healthcare Resource Tracking System (HRTS), the Tennessee Health Alert Network (TNHAN), the Tennessee Volunteer Mobilizer (VM), and the Tennessee MEDMAP.


Healthcare Resource Tracking System

Healthcare Resource Tracking System (HRTS) manages healthcare facility bed, service and asset availability. HRTS provides for event activation and management locally, regionally or state-wide.

HRTS Mental Health Portal

HRTS Healthcare Resource Tracking System Tutorials

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Tennessee Health Alert Network

Receive alerts regarding national, statewide, regional and local events, involving emergencies, exercises, information updates and advisories. TNHAN enables Tennessee Public Health to provide you with critical information quickly, using a wide variety of delivery methods.

Tennessee Health Alert Network

The TDH-managed system used by state and federal agencies for alerting emergency responders at the local, state and federal levels.