Disaster Assistance

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA)

TEMA serves as the State coordination point for resource requests and management, following the Tennessee Emergency Management Plan. The Coalition, and Coalition partners, work within their respective area of the TEMP to affect necessary incident management goals.

RMCC – Cookeville MedCom

Tennessee’s system of eight Regional Medical Communication Centers provides a unique and effective means for communications for our ambulance services and hospitals. The primary purpose of the RMCCs is to assist ambulance services and hospitals to get patients to the right hospital in a timely manner.

Upper Cumberland’s RMCC is assigned to Putnam County 911, Cookeville MedCom. Cookeville MedCom will optimize resource requests and management, and emergency patient transports in situations where local governments and health care providers request assistance.

Cookeville MedCom can be reached at 931-646-HELP (4357).

Patient Management

The Tennessee Patient Management module is integrated into the national system for patient tracking. This system is used to provide situational awareness, family reunification and repatriation for emergency evacuees. The system provides for quick patient registration and documentation of patient assessments, triage and treatment.

Regional Supply Cache
FEMA Reimbursement